Eight years ago, one of Utts’ best friends SoYeon made a jar full of these stars for her boyfriend.  Only recently remembering them, Utts bought a bunch of this paper and started obsessively making stars while watching Korean dramas online.

For those of you who like mindless, mundane, yet somehow rewarding craft projects, this is for you.  The idea is, if you’re able to make 1,000 of them a wish will come true!  Right now Utts is at 705.

picking the color (or colour as one of us likes to think is correct)

Starting in the top left and moving clockwise here are the instructions: First tie the strip of paper into a knot. Pull the knot all the way to the end and flatten the knot out. Make sure to leave a small piece hanging out. (This should be pretty self explanatory once you have the piece of paper in your hands.) Take the little piece and fit it into the flap formed by the knot.

You should now have a long strip of paper with a pentagon at the very end. Take that long strip of paper and start folding it around the edges of the pentagon. Let the paper go where it naturally wants to and try and be as precise as you can. (This leads to excellent results.)  At the end, you will end up with a tiny pentagon and another small piece. Take this piece and fit it into the flap created by the folding.

Holding the pentagon on all sides, push the centre of one of the sides lightly with your thumb. This should create two pointed edges. Continue doing this to each of the sides. And ta-da! A star!

For best results- As I said before, try and be as precise as possible, making each fold accurate. This will make it really easy to push in all the sides to create the star.

what Utts has so far!

295 stars away from a wish coming true

Enjoy the starzzzzz!


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Two Sarah Lawrence grads armed with their cameras, who have a penchant for making things pretty, following their eyes, following their hearts, even if they aren't always standing on their own two feet.
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8 Responses to stars

  1. Siouxsie Homemaker says:

    You have a lot of patience!

  2. Sorry– I commented on the wrong post. :>s
    But I think you could figure out WHAT I was talking about.
    Again, I am so glad you explained HOW these were made. They are ADORABLE!

  3. BIGNOSEBRO says:



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