Interview Series: Tessa

Tessa is a green-eyed, red-haired girl from Portland, Oregon. She describes herself (accurately) as having many talents- giving great hugs, doing dishes, pet-sitting, making lists, avoiding eye contact, observing wildlife, threading needles, and writing letters.

She is a sister, a virgo and the student post office supervisor at SLC. With her adorable smile and ability to eat 10 KFC Snackers in one sitting, there is no doubt that anyone who comes into the post office for a package develops an instant crush.

In her spare time she makes these felt treasures. So charming, just like Tessa.

nosurefooting: What’s the evil version of you like?

Tessa: Ruder. She probably gets a lot more done. And she eats steak.

nsf: Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

Tessa: DARK.

nsf: Biggest fear?

Tessa: Regrets.

nsf: If you could be a bird which bird would you be?

Tessa: A pigeon.

nsf: Favourite book – of forever or right now?

TessaHousekeeping, by Marilynne Robinson (forever). Recent addition: The Principles of Uncertainty, by Maira Kalman.

nsf: Three elements to the perfect date?

Tessa: Familiar music, food that I can eat without looking like an idiot (no spaghetti or salad) + one really good drink, and someone who laughs when they should.

nsf: Favourite song to listen to when you are at a party?

Tessa: “Monster” by Kanye West (but REALLY by Nicki Minaj)

nsf: Best time of day to take a nap?

Tessa: 24/7 if possible. Napping makes me grouchy.

nsf: Guilty pleasure music?

Tessa: Anything that was on the radio when I was in middle school. Specifically? Shaggy.

nsf: Last great film you saw?

Tessa: The Fall. It’s the best.

nsf:Best thing you’ve bought in the past year?

Tessa: My friend and I just bought matching onesies at Forever 21 that I’m pretty excited about.

nsf: Your ringtone?

Tessa: Bringggg bringggg.

nsf: Favourite TV show?

Tessa: Arrested Development.

nsf: Favourite breakfast food?

Tessa: Three cups of tea!

nsf: Dream travel destination?

Tessa: After your recent posting, I’m going to have to say Iceland. I think you guys should probably be getting a cut from the Iceland Tourism Board by now.

nsf: What do you sing in the shower?

TessaMountain Man and Lil Wayne.

nsf: If you went on America’s got talent/any other country’s got talent, what would your talent be?

Tessa: Creative procrastination.

nsf: If you had a time machine where would you go?

Tessa: What! That’s hard. Maybe back to 1999 just to tell everyone they didn’t need to worry about Y2K.

nsf: Best comfort food?

Tessa: Ice cream, always.

nsf: First purchase you’d make if you won the lottery?

Tessa: A really nice apartment with kitchen windows and a little back yard.

nsf: Favorite drink?


nsf: What would be the title of your biography?

Tessa: “Kate & Tessa: Just Two People.” My friend and I have had a joint autobiography in the works for a while. It should be published by the time we’re 73.

nsf: If you could be any character from fiction, who would you be?

Tessa: Amos from Amos & Boris by William Steig. He’s a mouse who goes to sea and befriends a whale.

nsf: Have you ever read Don Quixote?

Tessa: No, but I saw that episode of Wishbone.

nsf: What can’t you live without?

Tessa: Tea and music.

nsf: What does a Thursday night look like?

Tessa: Staying up until 2am stitching a Canada goose that I will intend to sell on my Etsy but end up getting too attached to, and will keep.

nsf: Favourite etsy site?

Tessa: TOUGH QUESTION! Alright, I’ll go with MrPS, for her lovely mugs and tea towels.

nsf: Guilty pleasure in general?

Tessa: Judgement.

nsf: Which Jedward would you be?

Tessa: “The other one.” (In case you don’t know them, this is their X Factor audition and this is them on Never Mind the Buzzcocks.)

Tessa will make you your very own pigeon.


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Two Sarah Lawrence grads armed with their cameras, who have a penchant for making things pretty, following their eyes, following their hearts, even if they aren't always standing on their own two feet.
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  2. Sara Gainey says:

    I just fell in love.

  3. Lauren Ross says:

    she also makes the best postcards, birthday cards and seeing peanuts

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