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Private Parts

Here is a beautiful poem our friend Kristelle wrote. Private Parts These are the corners of my elbows the edges of my knees, Fringes are my Hips Skin Skin And More Skin And these are what parents call private parts … Continue reading

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a moustache obsession

You obviously spend time on the internet, so you are undoubtedly familiar with the moustache obsession. It’s rare that we have been on the internet without a moustache siting. Historically, many moustaches are famous for the people who wore them, … Continue reading

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theweekthatwas; 21-27, august, 2011

How was your week?  Little Kid Swag. Oh dear. A bunch of free printable collages. Still don’t know how to tie a bow tie?  This will help. Some words to live by. Look alive, sunshine. Remember those amazing sisters from … Continue reading

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strange dreamer

Maggie had a strange dream last night. It looked a little like this… via via via It sounded a little like this… Maybe it’s the coming hurricane?  Pressure changes? via

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smarty pants

You know we love great design, but what we love even more are smarty pants! When great minds come up with beautiful design and add that “wow that’s so smart” element, we go nuts. Here are a few of these … Continue reading

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would you like

some profanity? This hilarious tumblr guarantees a smile. to do something with old bulbs? footnote some [useless] knowledge? Oysters change their gender once or more during their lifetimes. WOAH. The word “nerd” was coined by Dr. Seuss in “If I … Continue reading

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As some of you’ll know, we just recently graduated. It’s obviously a time of adventure, confusion, wonder and some amount of desperation. But we think the world is full of incredible things. So here are a few things that made … Continue reading

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