Photojojo and getting well soon or kicking cancer’s ass

We were sad to learn that the guy who runs the crazy scene that is Photojojo, Amit Gupta, was diagnosed with leukemia.

Just using the internet there is a lot you can do to make him feel a little better. Like Tina, over at swissmiss suggests, you can tweet him, write him a message on this tumblr and even send him snail mail (which everybody ADORES). He also loves great photos so send away! If you’re in the US and of South Asian origin then you can really help out by getting swabbed and seeing if you are a match. It’s an easy DIY kit. For more information: amitguptaneedsyou

Send some posi vibes over to New Haven (where he is). Send some love.

It all leads somewhere.



About nosurefooting

Two Sarah Lawrence grads armed with their cameras, who have a penchant for making things pretty, following their eyes, following their hearts, even if they aren't always standing on their own two feet.
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