get dirty NYC!

My roommate Cat is working with this great company, Get Dirty NYC!  A few weeks ago they had their Harvest Festival at The Commons in Brooklyn.  They asked me to help out with the decorations for the party, and I gladly agreed.  We made a few banners and centerpieces, which always adds a special handmade touch.

We got there early to help with the set up and decorating.  Here are some pictures of the final product!

The picture above is what people saw when they walked into the space.

I made one banner that said, plant a seed and it will grow, and three EAT banners to put at the end of the long tables, and a DRINK banner that was on the bar. Ruffled provided some great DIY printable alphabet bunting that made those banners super easy.  In addition I made a long banner of autumnal colored leaves.  I traced a few leaf templates, and had my craft army cut out hundreds of little leaves.  By punching 2 holes in the upper corners of each leaf, it was easy to string twine through.  I used the same tactic to string the other banners as well.

For the three long tables, we used mason jars, pinwheels, and a lot of twine — my favorite decorating supplies.  We covered the tables with butcher paper and taped it underneath to keep it secure.  We prepped the jars ahead of time, using different twine and ribbon to wrap around the middle or lip.  It was similar to how Utts and I decorated our graduation party, check here for more detailed pinwheel DIYs.  We also put one jar full of our flag straws that said things like, Dine Local!, Get Dirty NYC, Go Green, Celebrate Farmers, and Dig In.  The other straws were at the bar.

There was some delicious vegan food…

And a beautiful fall table!

We had to make some food labels on the spot, so with some creative handwriting from Cat, and some washi tape you can make anything beautiful.

This was the raffle table, and the adjoining wall.  We made giant pinwheels, with help again from Ruffled.  I imagine a whole wall of those pinwheels would look amazing.

Up many flights of stairs, The Commons had a gorgeous rooftop garden.  I hope to visit it again!

This was my first solo event that I really had free reign to conceptualize, design, and create!  While I only added a few things here and there to the already beautiful space, it was a great time.  nosurefooting for hire!



About nosurefooting

Two Sarah Lawrence grads armed with their cameras, who have a penchant for making things pretty, following their eyes, following their hearts, even if they aren't always standing on their own two feet.
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