dance dance dance

Do you often find yourself dancing your face off? Some cool people created an animated map of the evolution of western dance music. It obviously doesn’t map all the intricacies of all the forms of dance music that have existed in the last 200 years, but they do a pretty good job. Things start getting really crazy around the 1980s. Watch it here.

via VSL

Remember those great Google Doodles we posted about a few months ago? Ryan Woodward worked with a dancer and choreographer at the Martha Graham Dance Company in NY to create this superb animated Google Doodle. They ran it for Martha Graham’s 117th birthday this year.

Here’s a good song for a little impromtu freestyle dance competition in your kitchen.  Or for your iPod.  Whatever.

Utts’ favourite author, Haruki Murakami, wrote a book called Dance, Dance, Dance.

photo credit- Bonnie Ciudad

So get out there and dance on tables.


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Two Sarah Lawrence grads armed with their cameras, who have a penchant for making things pretty, following their eyes, following their hearts, even if they aren't always standing on their own two feet.
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2 Responses to dance dance dance

  1. BIGNOSEBRO says:

    frrrst frrrrst frrrrst

  2. sfgainey says:

    Seattle, AKA Grunge, isn’t on it.
    Just saying.

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