abandoned buildings in paris

Things disused are often fascinating, but disused spaces even more so. Being in a place that someone else left behind makes you wonder what happened there and makes you appreciate fully how beautiful an abandoned space can be.

Gregory Chinon explores abandoned buildings in Paris and takes photos of what he finds inside.

in a disused farm near senlis, france

as found in one of the creepiest and darkest factory basement (we could see as much as you can here) near nancy, france

as found in the disused ‘hopital B’ in normandy, france

disused supermarket near nancy, france

at the disused Xmas decoration factory

as found in an abandoned house in orbec, normandy, france

as found in a disused house in bussieres, france

Years and years ago, the owner of this little house, lost in a forest, hung himself. Then another man bought it, and hung himself too. Since then, “la maison aux pendus” was left untouched.

All photo and photo text credit to Gregory Chinon.

Like most great photographers, he has an endless amount of amazing photos. In high school, Maggie and her Dad got clearance to creep around an old abandoned wire factory near her home town.  It was awesome.  Looking at Chinon’s pictures, it sort of makes you want to snoop around abandoned places right? Do it if you can, treasures await!

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  1. 96arley says:

    Wow, this series is fantastic. Great work!

  2. ddddddyyyooo says:

    kewl stuff

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