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Last month the Internet, and we’re sure all your newsfeeds, were flooded with Seth Casteel’s photos of dogs underwater. We won’t dwell on them too much because we know you’ve seen them a dozen times, but here are a few … Continue reading

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We’re in happy moods today so we thought we’d do a (lazy) post about things that make us laugh and pass on the happiness. Oh HEY, mary. via Real world problems. via BOSS. via A moment. Found on Pinterest, no … Continue reading

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A few of you  might have seen Berndnaut Smilde’s work floating around the Internet recently. He’s a weatherman/artist. What an odd combination, no? He creates real nimbus clouds in gallery spaces. He regulates the temperature and humidity of the room … Continue reading

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mad men returns

This Sunday evening on AMC, was the much anticipated return of Mad Men. The best show on TV, clearly.  Okay, can you tell we were excited? Were you? Newsweek celebrated the return of the show with vintage inspired advertisements – a … Continue reading

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supakitch and koralie

If you don’t already wish you were an artist here are two videos that will make you wish you were. They’ll definitely act as inspiration for you to take a moment and create something today. Even if that something is … Continue reading

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Do you have siblings? Do you have people who are not your siblings, but you treat them like your siblings anyway? We found some brothers doing some rad things together. These brothers make leather goods and have cool glasses. —————————————————– … Continue reading

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We’re so sorry about the silence on nosurefooting this week! Maggie was in Vermont celebrating one of our friend’s birthdays and Utts, well, didn’t have her game face on. BUT, this week, we promise to post and not be flaky. … Continue reading

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