A few of you  might have seen Berndnaut Smilde’s work floating around the Internet recently. He’s a weatherman/artist. What an odd combination, no? He creates real nimbus clouds in gallery spaces. He regulates the temperature and humidity of the room and then uses a fog machine to create the perfect cloud before it quickly disappears. It’s so fast that you have to be in the room when he is creating the cloud to really catch it, to see what he does to create it, but the pictures are absolute perfection as well.

The above was pictured at the Hotel MariaKapel in Hoorn. Photo by Cassander Eeeftinck Schattenkerk

Here’s a short video we found of his process.

These are part of an exhibition he did for Probe, a very interesting gallery.  Probe documents its exhibitions from nine different angles and so Smilde had to create nine different clouds for the nine different perspectives. Below are a few. See the rest here.

He says, while talking to Probe, that he “wanted to make a very clear image, an almost cliché and cartoon like visualisation of having bad luck”. We just think they’re absolutely beautiful.

via Ignant

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    Indoor clouds- that’s something I would like to see.

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