they do great things

When people tell us they read our blog we smile and so do our hearts. Seriously. Though most of them are only scrolling through the fantastic photos 🙂 We don’t mind. We sometimes do the same. But people really do seem to respond better to photographs and images than they do to pages of writing. Some people get it just right with the perfect writing to image ratio and some just combine the two.

Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell are a brother/sister illustration team that have two brilliant websites. They Draw & Cook features illustrated recipes by a variety of artists from around the world. Can you draw and cook? You should submit!

By Stephanie Jenkins

By Renée Melo

By Emilia Dziubak

They Draw & Travel features artists, who draw the places they love and the places they love to travel to. Again, if you draw and travel, you should submit.

By Nate Padavick

By Varisa Phulphermsub

By Strickland

It’s funny how on a day we mention pictures, our pictures are so tiny. So sorry about that. They don’t get any bigger. Click on the names for bigger images and visit the sites for the entire collection.


About nosurefooting

Two Sarah Lawrence grads armed with their cameras, who have a penchant for making things pretty, following their eyes, following their hearts, even if they aren't always standing on their own two feet.
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One Response to they do great things

  1. sue says:

    not true just about pretty pictures… you bring forth wonderful information and inspiration. both of you have taken us down many very interesting pathways. bravo. i’m going to be trying that chicken/bacon/fig roll up shortly, and I’m inspired to add a whole sage leaf inside. yummm

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