london2012 roundup

It’s over! I can already feel myself slipping into depression. I have just one more night of fighting sleep to stay up and watch the closing ceremonies and then the long wait for Rio begins.

Talking about the end of the Olympics- Photojojo put together a list of olympic themed photo projects and our favourite is Borrow, Build, Abandon, which explores the “remains” of the venues built for the 2004 Athens Olympics. What happens after the games are over? Well, nothing.

These photos are amazing, but sad to think that these amazing stadiums are just collecting dust. Here’s an interesting interview the photographer did on It’s Nice That.

(All photographs belong to Jamie McGregor Smith)

The person most invested in an Olympic athlete’s life is often their mom (or dad). P&G did a terrific series of ads celebrating mothers and the hard work that goes into helping their kids win medals.

We posted this ad before, but it’s worth watching again.

They made these incredible “Raising an Olympian” ads.

Go here to watch the rest.

The Atlantic’s In Focus always has breathtaking photos: The First 9 Days and The Final Week.

For all you design-y peeps: Designboom explains the design of the games.

We’re also absolutely delighted that the games have given us and other impressionable young women a bunch of female athletes to look up to, admire and relate to. Elizabeth Day thinks so too.

And if you haven’t already watched Aly Raisman’s parents react to her bar routine, then you are MISSING OUT. I look like this when I watch gymnastics too. Just saying.

Every four years we get 16 days of competition so there are obviously a million other photos and videos and articles you should read 🙂 Go do some exploring and don’t forget to watch the closing ceremony!


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  1. Love this post! it got me soo pumped up.

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