It’s been way too quiet on nosurefooting for far too long. I know we’ve promised many times to return to blogging, but we’re doing it now. PROMISE.

I’ve been studying for the GRE the last couple of months and finally took it on Monday. I definitely thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown at the end of the test when they show you your scores on the screen. I was hoping for anything in the triple digits. I had a vision of myself sitting down on the floor of the test centre, weeping and screaming about how unfair the world is and the mean people who work there telling me I had to leave. I didn’t cry and I scored in the triple digits.

There’s apparently a list of 3000 words you can learn for the GRE. Riiiiight. I most definitely did not learn even a 1000 words for the GRE but was reminded of this list of untranslatable words Mags and I found last year. I’m sure you’ve seen many of these words floating around the interwebs by now but these words and their meanings made me want to learn all these languages. I sort of have German down, only 11 more to go.

Untranslatable words make you think how expressive other languages are as compared to English. BUT, Maggie sent me this the other day and I actually laughed out loud. Bitte, the German word for “please” can really be used for all these scenarios.


Words make me happy. Many words coming your way from this moment on. 🙂 



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Two Sarah Lawrence grads armed with their cameras, who have a penchant for making things pretty, following their eyes, following their hearts, even if they aren't always standing on their own two feet.
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4 Responses to words

  1. Rajesh Pant says:

    Gerne haben nosurefooting zurück 🙂

  2. silver price says:

    The Meaning: A verschlimmbesserung is a supposed improvement that makes things worse. There are actually a lot of words for this in a lot of languages, and that makes me think that English needs to get on the ball and coin a native word for this concept. Everyone needs it.

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