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DIY: Schultüte

Monday was my adorable little cousin, Midori’s,  first day of school. When I spent some time living in Germany a couple of years ago I learnt about the Schultüte. On the first day of school kids are given these paper … Continue reading

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a birthday celebration

A few weeks ago our very good friend Serena had a birthday.  Back in September for my birthday, Serena took me to a Fleet Foxes concert at the Williamsburg waterfront.  While we were sitting on the lawn enjoying the view, … Continue reading

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theweekthatwas; 18-24, december, 2011

Something to do with those extra ornaments. For the last minute gift wrappers, another free gift tag round up! DIY glitter clutch!  Perfect for New Years… This guy’s Christmas is so sad. But also funny. But sad. Pink Christmas. Warm … Continue reading

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xmas free printable roundup

Need a little help making your holiday packages stand out?  Even though a little washi tape and some twine can go a long way, here are some free resources that will make you look like a professional crafter. Here are … Continue reading

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not-so-advent calendar

Do you remember those delicious Advent calendars that had chocolate for each day leading up to Christmas? Yum. Many handmade advent calendars have little gifts for each day or activities for the family to do.  Like this one. I missed making … Continue reading

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would you like

some profanity? This hilarious tumblr guarantees a smile. to do something with old bulbs? footnote some [useless] knowledge? Oysters change their gender once or more during their lifetimes. WOAH. The word “nerd” was coined by Dr. Seuss in “If I … Continue reading

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more birthdays, more cupcakes

So we made cupcakes AGAIN. It was our friend Laura’s Birthday today so we had a cute little dinner for her and some pink and purple frosted vanilla cupcakes. After this post, we promise we’ll stop with the cupcakes. Watch … Continue reading

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