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when love arrives

Only Sarah and Phil can make the realities of the people of our dreams seem so promising, the heartache that comes hand in hand with love seem so hopeful. PS- Their story sort of makes you wish they were in love. Watch … Continue reading

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(the) new math

I thought my list of Olympic sports was pretty HAHA but let’s face it, no one beats Craig Damrauer. Since 2002 he’s been creating hilarious math equations to make sense of the world and the powers that be and kings and … Continue reading

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We were so surprised to realize we had never posted about xkcd, one of the best comics on the Internet. Yesterday, Utts received a most wonderful package from Maggie that included the first xkcd book! Did Utts combust with joy? … Continue reading

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love day

Happy love day!  Do you remember the cute red velvet cupcakes we gave our friends in college last year? These were so sweet too. We aren’t doing anything this year, in New York or in Bombay, but we’re sending you … Continue reading

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monday monday

How did your Monday go? Or if you’re in America, how is it going? Do you need some love, a hug or maybe you just need to hustle? All images via Tattly Maybe you’d rather be sitting up in the … Continue reading

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How about a little love today? via Some smarty pants kids tell Blue over at bluecentric what they think love is. The results are ADORABLE. “Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and … Continue reading

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me + you

Barbara Pala designed these Valentine’s Day cards this past year.  Unfortunately they were made in a limited edition, but why not spread some love everyday? Can you guess who they are? via iGNANT

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