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abandoned blog, abandoned homes

Here at nosurefooting we really love abandoned things- buildings in Paris, mining towns in the Namibian Desert and things forgotten in Goa. But we didn’t mean to abandon our blog or our few faithful readers, whom we hope, will come back to … Continue reading

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a view from the bottom

Remember Menno Aden and his Room Portraits? Michael H. Rohde, also based in Berlin, did the exact opposite and took portraits of rooms From Below. You don’t quite know what you are looking at, but once you find a point … Continue reading

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fabian oefner

IS AMAZING. Fabian has so many amazing projects it was difficult for us to pick which ones to write about. So we picked our favourites and think you should visit his site to pick yours. In Dancing Colours Fabian puts colour pigments … Continue reading

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better than instagram

Let’s face it- Instagram makes some already great photos even greater. And they give ordinary photos some character with their filters. But we found something better than Instagram. REAL instant photos! Who woulda thought?! 🙂 In 1947 Edward H. Land, … Continue reading

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Last year we posted about Irina Werning’s Back to the Future project. Werning takes a childhood photo and puts you and whoever else is in the photo in the same clothes and the same space and retakes the photo. It’s … Continue reading

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abandoned buildings in paris

Things disused are often fascinating, but disused spaces even more so. Being in a place that someone else left behind makes you wonder what happened there and makes you appreciate fully how beautiful an abandoned space can be. Gregory Chinon explores … Continue reading

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north korea photo craziness

North Korea was in the news a lot at the end of last year (wow… 2011 is really over!) because their leader, Kim Jong-il died. North Korea is largely closed off to the rest of the world and it’s very difficult to gain … Continue reading

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